Senior Partner at Landing Law Offices

Attorney-at-law, Bachelor of Economics, Master of Laws, Deputy of Landing International Investment and Trade, Deputy of Landing Cross-border Trade Dispute Resolution, Member of International Trade Research Committee/ Shanghai Bar Association, Practice since 2006

Practice Areas:
International Commercial Dispute Resolution
International Trade
Outbound Investment

David LI



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Lawyer at Shanghai Landing Law Offices,He pursued LL.B degree from Peking University and LL.M degree from Coventry University in UK and Ph.D course from National Taiwan University .


Practice Areas:

overseas investment

criminal defense

corporate governance

real estate


capital markets and major dispute resolution

YiXing liu

Lawyer at Shanghai Landing Law Offices, LL.M, Graduated from the East China University of Political science and Law and the Law Research Department, Osaka University, Japan


Practice Areas:

Corporate Governance

Investment and Financing

Foreign Trade and Foreign Exchange Management


Company’s Perennial Legal Counsel



Lawyer at Shanghai Landing Law Offices,pursued LL.M degree from Symbiosis International University.


Practice Areas:

International trade and overseas investment

major dispute resolution

criminal defense


Xueshan huang

Lawyer at Shanghai Landing Law Offices, LL.M in International Commercial Law & Dispute Resolution at Straus Institute of Pepperdine Caruso School of Law.  


Practice Areas:

International Arbitration
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Cross-Border Litigation
Cross-Border Trade


Eddie Gou