Lawyer David Li Contributes on International Equipment Sales Dispute

One Shanghai company sold several batches of lighthouse equipment, self- designed and self-manufactured, to an Australian company in 2012. After receiving the products, the Australian company claimed that there was a quality problem, resulting in disputes between the parties. In May 2014, the Australian company sued the Shanghai company in the Queensland district court of Australia, requesting to refund all the money paid and compensate for the loss. At the beginning, the Shanghai company entrusted an Australian lawyer to deal with the lawsuit. However, because of the difference in language and culture, large costs were involved but the progress was slow. In November 2016, recommended by the Australian lawyer, the Shanghai company entrusted Lawyer David Li to assist in the lawsuit.


After participating in the case, David Li listened to the opinions of the Shanghai company, revised the Reply and other documents prepared by the Australian lawyer, disclosed the evidence according to the requirements of the Australian lawyer, and put forward suggestions on the mediation plan. On one hand, the communication cost was largely saved, on the other hand, Shanghai company was fully informed and participated in the process. In December 2017, per request of the judge, the Australian lawyer participated in the mediation on behalf of the Shanghai company. At the critical moment of mediation, the Shanghai company consulted David Lee on the final settlement plan, which strengthened its confidence.


Owing to David, the clients has the opportunity to be actively and accurately involved with the litigation progress. Owing to David, the Australian lawyer had a deeper understanding of client’s demands and the case could be finally settled.