Lawyer Li was invited to teach some IMBA alumnus of HKU-Fudan university legal risk prevention strategies for international trade

On April 12, 2022, Lawyer Li was invited to attend online Nengjiandu Chemical New Energy Forum to teach "Common Legal Risks in International Trade and Prevention Strategies". More than 50 executives from the energy and chemical industry attended the meeting. This forum was hosted by Wei Tao who is IMBA alumnus of HKU-Fudan University,and the Chairman of the board of directors of Zhongfu Biology and Xiaoman Coffee.


Lawyer Li put forward practical suggestions from seven aspects, including investigation of cooperative subjects, check of contract signing, response to contract performance, storage of business data, response to employee malpractices for personal benefits, compliance of customs declaration and prevention of network fraud. At the end of the one-hour sharing, the audience actively asked questions, and Lawyer Li gave relevant and practical solutions, which benefited the audience very much.