BenJun Yu




License No. 13101201210749837


Yu Benjun is a Senior Partner of Landing Nanjing Office, he earned his Bachelor law degree at Anhui University, LLM at Nanjing University, and LLM of Chicago Kent School of Law. He is a member of Belt and Road Professional Committee of Shanghai Bar Association.


Mr. Yu once visited a law firm in Cyprus for a brief exchange visit. With years of practice accumulation, overseas work and study experience, and the language ability of TEM8, Mr. Yu specializes in equity disputes in cross-border investment and M&A and related legal matters within the area of international commercial affairs.

He co-authored The Practical Guide to Immigration for Foreign Investment, published by Beijing Law Press. As a special lecturer for China Council for the Promotion of International Trade for a long time, Mr. Yu has traveled around China with the Council to give lectures to foreign-related enterprises about the prevention of legal risks for Chinese enterprises going global.